Brad Hames New York City“Watching the trends in business strategies means seeing the trends among consumers,” acknowledges Brad Hames. And one of the most telling of mega trends is the continuing urbanization of the earth’s population. Today about half of the entire world’s population, that is 3 billion people, live in great urban centers. This trend is growing daily as about 180,000 people each and every day move into cities, growing the urban population worldwide by about 60million people every year.

One effect this continuing urban movement, according to Brad Hames, is the development of ‘Urban Islands.” Statistically speaking, only 100 cities worldwide contribute to 30% of the world economy, and almost 100% of innovative ideas. A large number of those cities are global capitals that have been developing for hundreds of years of domination: cities like New York, London and Paris.  If you isolate the New York City economy, it turns out to be larger than the combined economies of 46 sub-Saharan economies put together.