The people of New York and beyond are currently following a body and soul cleansing trend. Yoga and Pilates work on strengthening the body and soul by promoting muscle awareness and cleansing. Many other fitness programs focus on these goals as well.

Brad Hames, a New York trend watcher, has noticed that non-toxic spas are also much more popular. Natural beauty treatments and services fall into the same holistic health category as the body cleansing exercises. Some of the leading natural spas include The Mandarin Oriental Spa, Carlyle Sense Spa’s Red Flower and Exhale.

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Small dishes, served outdoors, are the new trend in the food and catering industries. According to Brad Hames, the tiny-bite trend is popular in New York as well.

NY’s Great Performances founder and CEO Liz Neumark says “Guests love the ability to taste a lot of different flavors without feeling like they overate. We are seeing the trend evolve into desserts as well, which is perfect for summertime.”

Puff ‘N Stuff Catering and Events has said “We promote small plates as a profitable and engaging menu through our chef bars. This style offers clients and their guests great menu variety.”

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As part of his observation of New York City trends, Brad Hames has seen that although the real estate market is still recovering from its crisis, the home improvement industry is becoming increasingly popular. By the end of this year, the sector is expected to be worth $133.7 billion.

Buildings and private homes have both been undergoing changes. The reconstruction may be for comfort, for energy efficiency, or both. Baby boomers also have great influence on the industry, as more and more of them refuse assisted living programs, renovating their current homes instead.

Brad Hames has noticed that New York, America and indeed economies worldwide will be affected by the baby boomers (a population of over 78 million) who are due for retirement this year.  Around 26 percent of America’s entire population is comprised of baby boomers so this has to have a large impact on the economy.  As well, those whose kids have flown the nests are moving into smaller accommodations, which has resulted in a “significant dent in the [NY] housing market” too.  Or, even worse for the housing market is those who are cutting their expenses by selling their large houses and moving into their secondary/vacation homes all year round.

Some of these individuals will also likely to move into sheltered accommodations and will be changing their lifestyles from 9-5 jobs to enjoyable activities, “presenting opportunities in recreational businesses and tourism ventures that cater to their interests.”  Thus those businesses will see a rise in opportunities in New York soon too.