Brad Hames green business graphGoing green for businesses in New York has become more than just informing consumers about a product’s ‘carbon footprint’ or disclosing how ‘green’ a product’s manufacturing process was,” says Brad Hames, New York business trend watcher.  “Engaging the customer has become the goal of many savvy businesses; encouraging the customers to join in the dialogue.”

Several businesses have taken the initiative, and are not only disclosing their own green good deeds, but create an entire atmosphere for change to a more green consumer society. For instance, many firms have begun to distribute cloth bags to be used instead of plastic throwaway bags; or asking their customers to recycle the products that they manufacture. One useful example was a dry cleaner who gives out instructions on tips to clean everything in a more environmentally friendly way.

Brad Hames Green TrendsBrad Hames has noted that it is impossible to discuss business trends today, especially in New York, without mentioning the green revolution in business. Consumers want to be responsible, and, according to Hames, are willing to pay a little more or work a little harder in order to feel good about their purchases.

“Transparency is now something consumers are demanding,” comments Brad Hames.  They want to know where their products come from, what materials were used in making them, how they will affect the environment when they are discarded and what affect they have already had on the planet when they were produced.

“People need another reason to purchase a product besides that it does the job,” notes Brad Hames. “If it’s the choice between two equal or almost equal items, consumers will pick the ‘greener’ one, even if it costs a little bit more.”