Soon, your iPhone will be your eyes to the world. That’s because, as trend watchers like Brad Hames are reporting, there is a new iPhone app coming to the market next year that can help people to read better without their glasses.  GlassesOff, developed by Israeli company Ucansi, has created the app that allows people to delay their need for reading glasses.  The app specifically targets people in their 50s and trains the brain to be able to process blurry images.

The company founder, Uri Polat, who is also a professor at Tel Aviv University, said that the technique can convince the brain to act in the same way that a pair of glasses do.  So far, clinical tests have shown that the app is effective – enabling an average age reduction in “eye age” from 50.5 to 41.9.




Leave it to Lance.  He’s soon to launch a Livestrong app that helps cancer patients to track and understand their illness better.  As a cancer survivor himself, and founder of the Livestrong Foundation, Armstrong is bringing this app to the market to help fellow cancer patients.  Trend watchers like Brad Hames are sure that this will be a useful tool for those in need.

At the moment, the app will be for iPad users and will be free of charge to download.  Two of its most important features include the journaling and audio-recording services.  With journaling, users can track their pain and issues over time and match the data they track to other events such as treatment dates using graphs.  The audio feature lets patients record important conversations, like those with their doctors.


If you’re one of those New Yorkers whose kids have everything, you might just love this idea.  As trend watchers like Brad Hames will tell you, kids will go leaping for the new LeapPad Explorer tablet from LeapFrog.  It’s a new gadget for kids between 4 and 9 which helps them to learn.  It has 2 GB of memory and a 5″ touchscreen with 480×272 resolution.  It’s got just about everything a kid could possibly want in a play gadget with a built-in camera, video recorder, microphone and a stylus.

It has over 100 learning game cartridges, e-books, apps and videos to download.  And – not to worry for those who already have an older Leapster – the existing library of Leapster Explorer game cartridges and apps will also work on it.




New Porsche Ice Cubes

September 23, 2011

If you were wondering what’s been missing from your life, it just might be a Porsche ice tray.  Luxury car maker Porsche has recently created ice trays in the shape of their car models.  Doesn’t ever New Yorker need one of these?  Trend watchers like Brad Hames definitely have their eyes on these cheeky designs.

The tray comes in blue and is made with food-grade silicone.  It’s dishwasher safe and it will provide you with 12 frozen Porsche ice cubes anytime that you want them.  Now isn’t that a luxurious way to cool off in the warmer months!


Burberry Body Premiere

September 16, 2011

New Yorkers looking to smell their best should get ready for the new Burberry fragrance.  As trend watchers like Brad Hames have discovered, Burberry has just launched its new fragrance for women. It’s in over 150 countries with a new and unique online ad campaign.

The campaign includes clever ways to get people excited about the fragrance.  Called Burberry Body, it will be available with a bespoke app on the brand’s Facebook page.  It will only be available to Facebook fans before anyone else can get their hands on it. Furthermore, Foursquare users who become Mayor of 21 key Burberry stores around the world will get a bottle of Burberry Body signed by chief creative officer Christopher Bailey during the first five days of September.

The multi-faceted campaign is Burberry’s largest one to date.



We’re all desperate for a little bit of green space in our lives in New York City. Now, New Yorkers can have just that with the creative idea coming from the firm Participation Agency.  They’ve commandeered a wide strip of lawn on the Lower East Side at 145 Ludlow Street and they’re renting it out for your next party.

The idea is as follows, as trend watchers like Brad Hames have uncovered.  Renters can have the piece of land at an hourly rate of $50. They can choose  from a wide selection of add-ons to get the yard ready for their event, from fully equipped grills and beer pong tables to slip-n-slides and super soakers.  It makes for the perfect spot for a kid’s birthday party, for a graduation party, or just for that picnic that you’ve dreamed of taking to get away from city life!



Virtual Shopping Made Easy

August 28, 2011

If you hate shopping for clothing and trying everything on, soon you may not have to do so.  That’s because trend watchers like Brad Hames have their eye on the TEC Hybrid Fitting System, a virtual dressing room designed by Toshiba. It allows shoppers to “try” on clothing with a camera and screen that is positioned in front of the person and outfits that are superimposed onto the shopper’s body.

While “trying” on items, shoppers can choose different items and change the color of the clothes they are look at.  Certainly, this will be great fore retail stores, and is also being considered for disabled people and those who live in remote locations.



If you really want to set the trend for your New York baby, Lady Gaga has the idea. Well, sort of.  As trend watchers like Brad Hames report, Lady Gaga is now making her most outlandish outfits for babies.  Your baby can now don the poncho made to look like Kermit the Frog, the bubble dress, the sparkly green leotard with humps for shoulders and so much more!

Get the latest for the little Gaga in your life with the Lady Gaga fashion!


According to,we could all use a few tattoos for a good cause.  The local non-profit Givology has created quite an unusual fundraiser, as trend watchers like Brad Hames are noticing.

The Temporary Tattoo Project has asked six local tattoo artists to create designs that they can sell to raise money for the Child Sponsorship Program at Flying KitesThe Temporary Tattoo Project is having a launch party at STAY Lounge this week, and the actual tattoos will be available to buy online mid-August.

The proceeds will go to help the Child Sponsorship Program at Flying Kites to help schools and orphanages in Kenya.



High Tech Nail Salons

August 3, 2011

For trend watchers like Brad Hames who are always looking for something new and exciting, the manicure and pedicure just got that much more interesting.  Salons like Tenoverten on West Broadway have more than just manicures and pedicures.  They include Wi-Fi and iPad equipped locations and they’re open for the busy businesswomen until 10pm!

They actually keep the client color preferences on file and they offer email reminders for appointments 24 hours in advance.

This is simply the best way to get your nails done in the city for the high-tech, hard-working men and women out there!